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Member Profile: Larissa Coffey

The title of this article is Member Profile: Larissa Coffey from CoreHealth DPC

  • This article was posted on Oct 12, 2021
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  • The author of this article is Jamie Walker

The title of this article is Member Profile: Larissa Coffey from CoreHealth DPC

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CoreHealth Direct Primary Care is a monthly membership family medicine provider based in Gulf Breeze, FL, and is the brainchild of native Breezer and Navy veteran Larissa Coffey. CoreHealth fills a huge need in the community by providing innovative and affordable health care for individuals, families, and businesses. 

The service that Larissa and her team provide is flexible, personable, and convenient because their members have the option to choose between an office visit, a virtual visit, or in-home consultation, and the healthcare provided is personalized to the patient's needs. In our interview below we get to know Larissa and CoreHealth DPC a little better and we find out what makes their service different compared to traditional health care solutions. 

The ONE: Tell us about your business and how you got started.
Larissa: CoreHealth Direct Primary Care was started to fill a need in the community for a more accessible and affordable membership model to primary care without processing insurance.

The ONE: What services or products do offer?
Larissa: CoreHealth Direct Primary Care offers primary care services including physicals, sick visits, women's wellness, weight loss services, and health coaching for a flat monthly fee without copays. Also, most wholesale labs/medications are onsite.

The ONE: What is unique about your business?
Larissa: Our members get DIRECT contact with their provider via text, call, and email. This service saves them time and provides personalized care. Example wholesale physical labs only cost $40.

The ONE: What can customers expect when doing business with you?
Larissa: We provide a less rushed approach with a concierge vibe, but without the high concierge price tag.

The ONE: To what do you attribute your success?
 Larissa: Networking and creating relationships in the community.
The ONE: What is the best advice someone has ever given you?
 Larissa: Be kind to everyone always.

The ONE: What made you decide to start your business or choose this career path?
Larissa: I chose the career path to genuinely help others without the barriers and frustrations of the current broken health care system.

The ONE: How has the past year dealing with COVID affected your business?
Larissa: Increased stress due to COVID illnesses with current patients. Frustrations with trying to get special funding related to Covid so that we can provide better care to our patients without insurance.
The ONE: Have you had to change how you have had to do business during Covid?
Larissa: Yes, we have started offering virtual telehealthcare.

The ONE: What led you to become a member of The One?
Larissa: We want to network with other businesses and build relationships.

The ONE: What have been the benefits to your business since joining The One?
Larissa: The ONE is great for building more relationships and contacts within the community I am from and live in. I have met people I would have never crossed paths with if I had stayed in a traditional health organization as a clinician. It is also great for business tips from like-minded people.
We greatly appreciate Larissa’s time, and we are happy to have CoreHealth Direct Primary Care as a member of The ONE. We encourage you to visit their website to learn more about the innovative healthcare options available to you, your family and your business. You can find CoreHealth on the web at:

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