R n R

R & R meets every Friday at 11:30am - 1:00pm at Rodizio Grill in Pensacola, FL. We have a great plan to practice social distancing while enjoying great food and great friends! Hope to see you there as the world begins to open back up for business!

Why Join The ONE

The ONE truly believes in collaboration over competition and helps members build meaningful connections with other businesses. Unlike most networking organizations, the ONE promotes ALL networking. The ONE does not restrict members to the ONE and truly believes the more you network, the more you grow. So why join?
• Members drastically improve their public speaking skills and have the opportunity to not only earn the business of ONE members, but also their friends and colleagues by generating warm, permission-based referrals!

• A ONE membership allows you to train other members your business. These trained members become your new sales team without the payroll expense!

• The ONE offers FREE networking mentorship, FREE memberships to Non-Profits, and a 10% discount for veterans and emergency responders. 

• You can really change your life and grow your business as a member of The ONE, and the best part is, you can join for JUST $35 per month. 

• So join now and let’s make a huge difference together, because: TOGETHER, WE ARE ONE.

Our Amazing R & R Chapter Members